How can I generate (more) revenue in China?

How can I improve my relation with my Chinese business partner?

Is your business case in China realistic?

If you want help on these questions, contact 8TC !




  1. Feasibility study “China market”

  2. Building a distribution network

  3. Purchasing and contract negotiations support

  4. Chinese E-commerce solutions

  5. Business case analytical review

  6. China desk department support

  7. Interim project manager

  8. Training/Workshops doing business in China




Jiehui Chen
Albert Fikspad 34
3812 GX Amersfoort




8TC helps Dutch SMEs to identify business opportunities in China and navigating their way through China. 8TC also supports them with the realization of a good cooperation in China with their partners and distributors. 8TC’s mission is to be the reliable business bridge between Dutch and Chinese companies. 8TC have a diverse client base from intelligent automatization to consumer product companies. 



Owner Jie’s story

As owner of 8TC, I would like to tell you something about my history.
I grew up in China in a city called Wenzhou, a city with about 3 million people in the Zhejiang province. People from Wenzhou are in China well known for their entrepreneurial spirit who do business everywhere. In 1993, as a teenager I immigrated with my parents to the Netherlands. When I arrived at Schiphol Airport, I already had a dream, my dream was to be the business bridge between Dutch and Chinese companies.

My first Dutch experience was to work as a waitress to help my parents in the family restaurant. I enjoyed running around the restaurant with a large tray of food, smiling and talking with customers. On one day my parents told me:’ Later you can take over this restaurant, after you finished your secondary school “Mavo”. But I know that is not my dream. So I did my best at school and within one year I jumped from Mavo 1 to VWO 2 and finished my VWO within 6 years. With this experience, it shows me, nothing is impossible: if you work hard, you can achieve everything what you want!

So after finishing my Asian Business bachelor degree at HES Amsterdam, I joined Royal Haskoning DHV, (a consultancy company with more than 6000 colleagues spread over 150 countries) where I has successfully completed big Dutch-Chinese projects in the field of Waste Water and Traffic Management. After that I also worked for other Dutch companies as corporate manager China.

Furthermore as a Chinese native and a Dutch citizen, I feel compelled to bridge the difference in understanding between China and the Netherlands. Because I grew up in China, I can easily understand the situation due to my cultural and social background. On the other hand, I have lived in the Netherlands more than 20 years, I understand the Dutch thinking way and can easily help Dutch business men to understand their Chinese partners, suppliers or distributors. With this background and experiences I decided to create 8TC to fulfill my dream.


Jiehui Chen
Albert Fikspad 34
3812 GX Amersfoort

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